About Harvest Spoon

The art and science of raising our own food; nutrition as both pleasure and preventive medicine; building community in the fields and around the table; and generally geeking out over it all. Every other week I will bring you a recipe that starts with the soil and ends with happy, healthy tummies. One ingredient from each recipe will be highlighted in a short natural history, nutritional analysis, and garden discussion. I will be delighted to feature guest chefs on occasion, as I am always seeking opportunities to share knowledge and snacks. Oh, and by the way, everything will be vegetarian, many dishes will be dairy and egg free, and most can be adapted to accommodate other food allergies and sensitivities such as gluten and soy.  See you in the garden, in the kitchen, and at the table!

About Meredith

I am a 26-year-old farmer from Maryland, currently in graduate school in Boston. I started this project to stitch together my interests in growing food, kitchen creativity, nutrition, alternative medicine, agricultural policy, environmental sustainability, and self-sufficiency. I plan to return to my glorious home state to start a farm and work in agricultural education. I love butternut squash, wooden spoons, rainbow sprinkles, and raising chickens.