Guest Chefs

About Rosie

Rosie is a graduate student in ecology at UC Davis. She loves cooking and baking, especially if it involves cheese. She always likes trying new foods, and thus has created “Experimental Food Friday,” an occasional event where everyone must cook something they have never cooked before, and then share it. Most of her recent experiments involve things that can be cooked in the back-country on a one-burner stove or over an open fire, since summers mean lots of backpacking!



About Leigh

Leigh also finds herself in graduate school in Boston, and has the good fortune of currently living with the main author of this blog (and doing some great taste testing)! She is a country girl at heart, but still enjoys zipping around town on her bike and eating cannoli from the North End. She loves growing her own food and cooking big meals for friends. Her current kitchen favorites: kale, pumpkin, and ‘ice box’ birthday cake.